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Carl Dawkins Live

APRIL 2017

I need a holiday, and a bit of chill time. But the last 3 months have gone great. The reception from the Undying Inc fans was extremely welcoming.

We (Undying inc) will be back in Autumn for another tour in India and Nepal.

I currently have a free summer, so if anybody needs a bass player/MD/synth bass/producer. Give me an email via the contact page. Otherwise I will just spend the summer working on your new favourite band:

The last video I did with Cypher16 last year has been released! It was shot at the Natural History museum in London, check it out here:

MARCH 2017

It’s my first time playing in Canada, and the Amarathe Maximiliasm has been amazing and with that, more great news..

I would like to present the video for Undying Inc’s latest single, it’s the first track written with me. It was a nuts location (we still aren’t allowed to mention where it was filmed).  Looking forward to playing this live later this month.

I have 3 and half days off after this USA/Canada tour then I head out to tour the new single with Undying Inc. the band and myself will be visiting places we all haven’t been before so it’s going to be one for the books.

I am now also a proud endorser of Darkglass Electronics, I am using the B7K Ultra, there are so many options and it sounds lush.


Some exciting news: I return to the UK in March for a few days before I head out with a band from India called Undying Inc, with whom I am very glad to be joining. The band are very established in India, and I have toured with the band previously, and worked with the drummer and singer on separate projects/occasions.

I was in India last month, secretly, to record and film a new single with the Delhi based extreme metallers. I am excited show you the video and what we have worked on. It is heavy, and technical, and was a lot of fun. I will be returning to India end of next month for my first tour with Undying Inc. You can read about it in my interview with Rolling Stone here.



Undying Inc

I am currently on tour in the USA/Canada With Cypher16 supporting Amaranthe, the shows so far have been great, except finding out on the first show we have a dep drummer for the next 6 shows…. It should be interesting. all the bands on the bill are great, everyone needs to check out Failure Anthem and Citizen Zero. Check out my Instagram and Facebook for updates. 


I will be at the NAMM event this month in California, come and say hi, I will be at the Warwick, Korg, ESP and Marco bass guitar booths. I will be playing on the Marco bass guitars booth on the Sunday.

Rehearsals are fully underway for the North America tour, as well as squeezing in new songs sets.

I am also in the studio with Armada Of Secrets at the end of January, I am very excited to release it.

Here’s some shots from my work with Tokyo Taboo and Mark Hussey.


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