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Merry Xmas! Seasons Greetings! Kicking it.

In full swing with the Xmas shows, who wouldn’t want 25 Christmas dinners as a warm up for Christmas day?

I have some great news, I will be at the NAMM show in January 2015 for Dean Markely & Warwick basses. I am very much looking forward to jamming with some great musos out there.

I have the pleasure of being joined by Chris Attwell out in LA. He is there with Mark Bass and I am sure we will squeeze in a jam or 2 while we are out there. In preparation for NAMM, I will be playing with some different drummers and leaving a camera on to see what comes out, look out on youtube for the videos.

Merry Christmas from Carl Dawkins
I will also be taking on some new students in 2015, if you are interested, get in touch via the contact page.


India was absolutely off the chain! Big thanks to everyone that came down/got involved. I had a brilliant time travelling and meeting new players. A special thanks to Dean Markley Strings and TC Electronic for supporting the events as well.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Reuben Bhattacharya for joining me in Dehli, along with drummer Nishant Hagjer.

If you were at the clinics, but do not have Spotify, I have added a list of the songs below that are on the ‘practice’ playlist and their videos on YouTube.

Turn Down for What – Watch now
0-100 – Watch now
Hideaway – Watch now

I am currently about to start a run of Army shows over Europe with The Chilli Fighters, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it.

Carl Dawkins

There is some new material from my project Armada of Secrets, click here to have a listen to it. It’s primarily bass driven, with Bass, drums, vocals and some synths. No guitars. There is also a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition up there too. More music from that in 2015!


After a great time with Elixir, I have decided to move on, to Dean Markley Strings. A big thank you to Elixir strings for their support, I had a great time playing for them. I am excited to be a part of the Dean Markley family and will be using them on my basses for the up coming clinics. If anybody is after new bass strings, I highly recommend the Helix NPS sets. There will also be string giveaways at the clinics, courtesy of Dean Markley. Please check with the venues for extra info.

If you’re looking for a new, fun way to practice, something I like to do is find a good track with a loop, and play along & play over that track. Some rap/hip hop is great for this, especially if the vocal stays around the same note (reducing the amount of potential Harmonic content). With this, you can find the chord progressions, or lock in with the kick drum. You can play a bit of the melody line/s, or simply just play over the top soloing or grooving. With some of the beats/basslines being so low on some of the tracks, there can be room to really open up in places, or sit back with the groove in others.

I will be updating this Spotify Playlist with tunes every so often. I will then do short clips/examples of what you can do which can be found on my Instagram, and subsequently shared on my Facebook and Twitter. No account needed to check out the videos on Instagram.

Twitter @carldawkinsbass
Facebook carldawkinsbass
Instagram @carldawkinsbass

Let me know how you get on!
See you in India

Carl Dawkins India Tour



Little bit of fun in the morning? Add in the m2nd aswell for an extra practice bump Link to the tracks below! If you have spotify, follow this: http://open.spotify.com/user/carldawkins09/playlist/6Qnh2G9YxHjDsJCtUyVy26 #bass #practice #spotify #basspractice

View on Instagram



INDIA! Clinic Tour! Let’s go!

I am also very please to announce to have TC Electronic as a sponsor, I will using a few of their pedals for the tour, and sinking my teeth into the Ditto looper X2 and the Toneprints.

As well as TC electronic pedals, at the Clinics I will be mainly showing off the New Overwater Inspiration bass , and will also have details/catalogues in store if anybody is interested in an Overwater bass. I will also have a Warwick streamer stage one for this tour.

For anybody coming to check out the clinics next month, I will be discussing:

  • Re-harmonisation, how to, why & when
  • I will playing a track or to from the new Armada of Secrets record (first tracks out 29th September)
  • Live performance techniques, plus A performance of the new project (released October 6th).
  • Clinic using the TC electronic ditto looper 2 and flashback delay, solo performance/Loop
  • Backing Tracks, how to, why, and when.
  • Professional attitude and approach, furthering your career and making money in an ever-changing music industry.
  • Practice techniques and mind set – *for every musician.

I am very honoured to have the Clinics in Delhi joined by Undying Inc’s bass player ‘Reuben Bhattacharya’ and with this, the clinic at Fender Music café on the 26th October, will be different to the others, focusing more on:

  • Onstage Choreogrophy, onstage production, performance practice, and hot to prepare/plan for this.
  • We will also have a drummer there (will announce prior, just don’t want to spoil the surprise, but he is from India, and you all know him….), and we will be encouraging some audience participation….as always!
  • Plus, performances from Reuben Bhattacharya and myself, plus A performance of the new project (released October 6th).

Details for my Clinic tour in India are as follows:

16th – Mumbai
17th – Pune, Furtado’s
18th – Mumbai (Bombay), Furtados
22nd – Dehli, Onstage music. 7.30-9.30pm
24th – Noida – Meet and greet at ‘Underground Café’ – see venue for time
25th – Dehli – Hard rock Café – Gig, evening.
26th – Dehli – Fender Music Café (With Reuben Bhattacharya + Drummer…. )– Daytime


So, woke up this morning, saw it was August. Well this summer has suddenly flown by.

Since I last updated, I have been in full swing with The Chilli Fighters summer schedule. One of the shows was the to the S.A.S. and as you can imagine the security was ridiculous so had to keep it hush. Along with that, almost every Army barracks in the country….

As with the hight of festival season, it has been a pleasure to play with so many different acts, and get my teeth into some different music. Check out the updated photo section.

For the last month I have also had the pleasure of award winning Indian metalers ‘Demonic Resurrection’ popping in and out of the studio as they toured the UK/Europe. Got a nice little project I have been working on with a couple of the guys from that band and Undying Inc. More on that later, but it’s going to be heavy.

Later this month, I will be announcing the finalised dates/towns for my India Clinic tour in October. I am pleased to announce this will be in conjunction with Overwater basses, and I will be using the Inspiration range. Also happy to announce Warwick basses and amps involvement.

And also later this month, the new Armada of Secrets material will be out, we are going to release two tracks on spotify/fb/soundcloud.

More details to follow, but for now, adeu.

Carl Dawkins Bass Player

APRIL 2014

What a great few weeks, The London Bass Show was brilliant. Such an array of talent. It was great to see so many different bass players from a lot of different backgrounds, as well as having the honour of sharing the Elixir string stand with some amazing talent.

For anyone that has Facebook, I also have a page that has just been put up, to keep up to date with latest on what’s going on with me:


I will also be posting updates on there while Caroline Kabera and I continue to work on the new Armada of Secrets material. I am really excited for you all to hear it. No guitars allowed!

Work hard, play hard.

Carl Dawkins | London Bass Show


Short month, short update:

Hello everyone, I’d like to start by saying I hope anyone affected by floods are ok and well. February is always full of surprises, and 2014 is no different… I am delighted to announce that on Sunday March 2nd  I will be performing at the London Bass Show on the Elixir stand. I will be performing a solo piece using a loop pedal and also doing a piece with London Bass player Chris Attwell. The listings are below, there are some fantastic players attending the Olympia center in London, so if you are in town, pop in. 

Demos with Elixir Strings


Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and happy new year, I hope 2014 has so far brought you nothing but good things. It has been a very busy holiday season, and now its time to gear up for a prosperous 2014.

With the new year brings the completion of the refurbishment in my studio space, (so more writing, teaching, recording and jamming) it has gone into full swing. I have had a lot of good friends/muso’s coming down to jam, and will be uploading some of the footage from these soon.

The photo below is of myself playing a 1956 fender precision, which can be found at Guitar Village music shop in Farnham, its in great condition and plays exactly how you would expect it to. It’s currently up for grabs, so get in touch with the store direct if you’re interested. I recently had some set–ups/fret-stoning done at guitar village, great results, recommended.

Good luck for the new year, check back for updates on articles in bass musician magazine and video updates.

Carl Dawkins


New New New!

Welcome to the new site, big thanks to Mr Design for it. Have a look around, get in touch.

First of all, I am proud to announce I am now an endorsee of Elixir Strings, I’ve used them for years, so its great to be finally be a part of the family.

Check out my contact page for a link to latest article for Bass Musician Magazine. They’re out bi-monthly. Among the usual antics, I have been currently writing with Caroline Kabera for Armada Of Secrets, gearing up for a new record.  There are a lot of drummers…

After leaving Cypher16 in May, I have kept in contact with Jack playing with Cypher16 at Bloodstock Festival over the summer and some more bits are on the cards. I am a free and available for any opportunities, please use the contact page to get in touch.

Recently, while playing in Germany, I found this! Basslab…

Carl Dawkins