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So, some really exciting news to finish the year!

Dean Markley strings have made me a custom string! I can’t wait to hear how it sounds/plays… It’s pretty low… any guesses? Answers to my Facebook page. I will be doing a video on it as soon as I am back in UK.

Along with this is the news that I will be heading out to California for the NAMM event in January. I am really excited to catch up with so many people. If you’re there, come say hi.

Due to my injuries, I will not be playing in January – at any point. Rest is what the doctor ordered and I’ve cleared my schedule to allow myself to heal. I am confident and hopeful that I will be back into the full swing of things by the end of February.

I will be doing a few articles on injuries/healing in the New Year. 2015 has been great, except for that!

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a great New Year!

Dean Markley


I had the best call this week. It looks as though I will be turning the Christmas lights on in my hometown of Slough at the end of the month. I was A) surprised, B) honoured and C) couldn’t believe Christmas lights get turned on in November! Then again, my first Christmas gig are in November…


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A note for teaching – I will not be taking any new pupils on until January 2016. Please feel free to get in contact if you’re interested in starting lessons in the New Year.

Cypher16 have released their Debut Album! I have been seeing my face/picture everywhere with the press for the new Cypher16 album. Although being heavily involved in the last 2 records, I did not have the pleasure of playing or writing on this record, but it has been nice to see me being used for the press and some of the shows. No doubt you will see me at some point with the guys again!

If you haven’t already, check out the new video for Cypher16:


As far as the injury is concerned, there seems to be considerable improvement, however it does limit full practice. The only positive is you always end up practicing in new ways… or killing time with (sometimes) less productive but ultimately hilarious escapades. A steady balance is key I find.

Just coming to end of the madness of depping, weddings, corporate parties, and then remembering that it all starts again soon…. Here’s a very short clip from a show in London.


It’s been a busy summer, some cool festivals and great crowds. Plus, gotta hit up Reading Festival!

JULY 2015

Summer is back in full swing with Army shows with The Chilli Fighters and The Party Crashers. On top of that, it has most definitely been wedding season! But although it’s been busy, it’s been great to play in so many bands and see so many friends whilst doing so. A very special thanks must go to The Kick Thrills, it’s always a pleasure.

I have always battled injuries, so much so I really should write something about it for Bass Musician Magazine don’t you think? The injury is more annoying rather than limiting, but it looks like Arnica and the Bowen technique for me…

Still more of the summer to complete, here’s a live video we did in The Chilli Fighters:

MAY 2015

I have just completed a mammoth tour, spanning 25 cites in China with the UK’s Cypher16. The tour was great, and the country is HUGE. With it being my first time to China, I was loving the chance to taste some proper squid. Fresh. On a stick! Some of you may have seen me on some of the UK tour running up to that. As I’d previously been a part of the band and written for the EPs 2 (The Metaphorical Apocalypse) & 3 (Determine) from the catalogue, it was nice to be back and all the shows were great. I will be playing with the band again at the Camden Rocks Festival at the Underworld on May 30th and their London show in September.

Carl Dawkins

APRIL 2015

The London Bass Show was great, always nice to catch up with bass players from all around the world. It was especially great to meet fellow Warwick artist Divinity Roxx (Beyonce).

Since I’ve been back from LA, I have been inviting different drummers down to the Studio. I basically don’t get to see a lot of guys enough, and thought it might be fun to get them down to the studio, jam, and put a camera on to see how it is.

Here’s a video of myself jamming with UK Drummer Alex Todd. Check out what we got up to. There are a few on youtube already and more being uploaded. The series will be called ‘Leaving the camera on’

I will also be joining Cypher16 on their short run in the UK and also on their tour in China this month. It’s good to be back playing some of the songs that I wrote with the guys, and also the new tunes from their upcoming album. I will also have a clinic out there while on tour with the guys, so check my Facebook for more regular updates.


So, NAMM…. What an experience, I can’t wait to go back next year. I had a great time meeting loads of old and new faces. Big thanks to Dean Markley Strings, Warwick Basses and TC electronic. Below is a photo of myself playing on the Warwick booth, there will be a short clip out soon previewing the new Warwick Bass head that I used out there. It’s going to be a great addition to the Warwick amp range.

I will be at the London bass show on the Sunday again this year, I do not have a performance slot this year, but I will be jamming on the Vanderkley Amp’s & Cab’s stand. I will have my Overwater Inspiration bass (with CD logo and woolly mammoth Nut), and my custom Warwick streamer stage 1. Check the pictures section for a closer look.


Below is a little video of one of many Jams I did while I was there, this one is on the Marco Bass stand with UK Bass player Chris Attwell and Italy’s Alberto Villa. Check out Marco bass instruments here.