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2016 Blog Posts

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Merry Christmas, I am on my last run of British forces shows for a while. Lot’s of exciting things to announce over the coming months.

I will be on Bass for Tokyo Taboo’s UK shows in January, as well as blues singer/songwriter Fabrizio Imbriano AND Solo guitarist, Mark Hussey.

I will be on bass next Feb/March for UK’s Cypher16 touring in the USA and Canada, supporting Amaranthe, both bands promoting a new album.



One of the video shoots from this month for Cypher16, check out their webpage for the release in January.

I also finish the dates this month for The Musical ‘The last Man On Earth’.

November November


Everyone goes on about stoptober and giving something up? How about we just ramp everything up instead?

I think everyone forgot/got bored of Lent….


In addition to my current schedule, I will be performing on Benjamin Bloom’s Musical show ‘Last Man On Earth’. It’s been a few years since doing a musical, I’m looking forward to ticking a few more theatres off the list.

I have a few slots opened for lessons, please use the contact form at the top of the website if you are interested.


It’s been a great summer playing to the British armed forces again, weddings, festivals and studio sessions. I couldn’t fit it all here, but you can keep up with my Facebook page!

I will be on bass duties for Cypher16 supporting Soilwork – This is the last one in the calendar for me with Cypher16, hoping to get some more in, but we will see what happens. After rejoining the band on a session basis last year, and still having some of tracks you wrote with them prominent in the set still, is a great feeling.

JUNE 2016

june-imageSummer in the UK, there is nothing quite like it. I have a lot of Army bases to visit over the next few months, that, and wedding venues… plus a few festivals.

The Amaranthe tour was great , I always like visiting Norway, plus it was my first time to Sweden, such a beautiful country.

I flew to Berlin to see Jai Patel in The Raven Age, they are currently supporting Iron Maiden on their world tour. After working with Jai quite extensively last year before my injury, it was great to see him again. They are smashing it on the Tour!

Cool little fact about the show, the venue was built/used for Hitler to address the masses… to get to the stage we had to walk through the same corridor. Which was designed bendy, so no one could get a straight shot…

I will also be at Download Festival and the Metal Hammer Golden God’s Awards this month, with a new venue for the GG’s, let’s see what madness awaits.

MAY 2016

This month I join Cypher16 on bass duties for their Tour in Norway with Amaranthe. I will also be Sweden before/after, Off to Scandinavia!

I will also be on bass for London alt-Rock Outfit, Tokyo Taboo, as well a few others this month on their UK dates.

APRIL 2016

I will be in Spain 25-28th visiting Berklee in Valencia. I will be hitting up some jam nights then too, so see you there!

There is currently a stock of Woolly Mammoth nuts and sadles at www.allparts.uk.com – who knows how long they will be there for ?

april-imageFor those that haven’t seen a post /heard me talk about it. There are so many materials you can have on your bass. One is Woolly mammoth ivory/bone, yes that’s the massive animal which sadly, the last small population was apparently extinct in 1650 BCE. As the Ice melts, and there are excavations all across the arctic and Siberia, they have uncovered more and more Mammoths. As there is an abundance, when some are uncovered and sold, you will find batches at certain dealers.

There is always a debate about which nut to use, and how much difference it really can make. In my experience, it is combination of materials on not just one part, however, you can tell the difference between the note longevity on this nut compared to a plastic/graphite and it isn’t as harsh as having a brass nut (no matter how lovely they are). Camel bone is also a great choice, and is more readily available. I just like the fact there is a piece of bone from an animal that may have fought a dinosaur. Ok maybe that’s not the only reason…

MARCH 2016

After months of rest and exercises, the playing stamina is stronger than ever. I will be on bass for Cypher16 with their shows in Wales and appearance at Hammerfest.
This means, I will unfortunately not be at the London Bass Show and also will not be at MusikMesse in Frankfurt as planned this year, but there is always next year, as well as the possibility of Palm Expo (India) but I will post any information about that on here and on Facebook.


2016 started with a bang, well, as much as it could have with NAMM! It was a great trip as always, and was great to hang out with so many players from around the world.

As I was following doctor’s orders, I wasn’t able to play this time but it was still a great trip. It was an eye opener to meet other musicians who have suffered the same/similar injuries, and who had their own views and advice about how they got over it. Plenty of food for thought, and the California sun always helps as well.

I am hoping I will be able to play again next month at the London Bass Show. The last few months have been fun writing and trying to do practice mentally.