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Just a reminder I am holding Skype lessons on Sunday 3rd, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December

Use the contact page to book in a slot. All that is needed is a stable connection, and a brief chat beforehand so I can prepare the lesson for you.

I have been receiving a lot of messages from Undying Inc fans, plus some really cool drawings/photos – keep them coming, they are very much appreciated.

I am just looking at my options/schedule for next year. Let’s see what happens.

It’s been a wonderful & crazy year. Merry Xmas everyone!


My time with Undying Inc. has come to an end.

To any fans that were hoping to see me in India on the full tour, I do apologise, but it was due to circumstances outside my control – mainly bad organisation.

The band have announced they cancelled half of the tour when I didn’t arrive. This was nothing to do with me, as these shows were never happening anyway, something which I found out a week before the tour.

I had missed my short connection due to security checks and delays, Emirates then tried to charge me more money to continue my flight. Also having just got the news that I would in fact, only be playing one show in Mumbai, I decided to head home and then continue to KTM for the Underside show later. The whole thing was quite the experience.

I wish them all the best as they continue as a 3 piece. I joined them this time last year, to write a record and do something interesting. I am proud of the one track we did for the release, which shows my playing influence – Alpha Absolute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdb92bwygyY

On the flip side, I WILL be joining Undying Inc’s drummer, Nishant Hajer on some new projects and also very happy to announce I will be joining Underside in 2018 for some of their tours.. (check back for dates)

The Underside show at Silence Festival, Nepal, was great. It was my first time playing for the band to a home crowd. Looking forward to joining the guys on stage again at some point in the future. Underside have their new album out on January 20th 2018, you can also check out their last album on itunes and all other platforms.

I am playing several shows this month and next month to the Armed forces (British Army and Navy). The Armed forces know how to party that’s for sure! It’s with a couple of different bands and artists, which makes it super busy but extremely interesting.

I will be doing Skype lessons on Sunday 3rd, Saturday 16thand Sunday 17th December.

Use the contact page to book in a slot. All that is needed is a stable connection, and a brief chat beforehand so I can prepare the lesson for you.

Just a reminder, I will be teaching again from my studio in Slough from December this year (2017). There are only a couple of slots available, on a first come first served basis. You can be added to the waiting list if needed for cancellations or increased availability.

I have a space in 2018 for new projects/bands if anyone is looking for a Bass/synth bass/MD/ producer/songwriter.


Hard Rock Café tour went great, I have played the Hard Rock cafes/venues in other countries, but never where it first began – London. The tour worked really well for raising awareness for her cause (mental health awareness). And MD’ing a project, bringing to life  some tracks there were predominately  electronic, was the most enjoyable and rewarding challenge.

I am back to Asia this month, for my final shows with Undying Inc. in India. it has been a great year with them.

I will also be using my days off on that tour, to be on bass for Underside in their home country of Nepal. It’s a busy schedule, but really looking forward to playing some new places.

I will be teaching again from Studio in Slough from December this year (2017). There are only a couple of slots now available. There is a range of subjects we can cover, get in touch to see if I can help.

Carl Dawkins - Hard Rock Cafe


Carl Dawkins - Austria
Carl Dawkins


I have been on a plane so much in the last month, I’m starting to think I can fly. Especially as the tour with Underside got extended half way through, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. You can find loads of photos and footage from their social media and webpages. Type in, Underside Nepal.

With so much travelling, one thing that I have had great time playing, was the Wing Bass – check out the website and see if you can see me.

Wing Bass

These instruments come in various shapes and sizes, including for guitar. Here I have the bass version, it’s 2 octaves, tuned B to G. It has been great for practice, and with and octave pedal, you could use it as a bass live… experiment time.

Everything is in full swing, as I get back, I jump straight into my studio to work with the female singer, Tiger Lilly for here UK tour in September. MD’ing her band and playing some really cool venues including the Hard Rock Café’s.

Tiger Lilly

I will be teaching again from my studio in Slough in December this year (2017). Get in contact via the contact tab.

JULY 2017

I love Europe!

Everything is going great, and I am loving using my new bass from ESP, spruced up with LEDs from Martin Sims of Enfield Guitars.

They look fantastic but, some of the festival shows have been so sunny, I’m not sure how well you would see them… However, we do have a few shows on stages in tents, so I should be lit up like a Christmas tree. I also have him installing some of his very custom Pick-ups. They are called Sims Pickups and you must check them out. They can switch between 3 settings, so having a pair of them creates a lot of interesting possibilities. Have a look on youtube at them! 

He is also a master when it comes to repairs, upgrades and bespoke modifications. If you need anything done to your instrument, check him out.

Thank you to the new and old faces that I taught in June via Skype/messenger. I will be advertising again on here once Skype lessons are available, so check back monthly. Alternatively, you can email me on the contact page, and I will email you as soon as another date is booked.

I will be teaching again from my studio in Slough in December this year (2017). Get in contact via the contact tab.

JUNE 2017

One thing I like about summer, is that you’re either doing festivals, army shows, weddings, or creating something special.

Luckily for me, I have quite the mix this year! It’s going to be great playing to British Armed Forces again all over the UK, with a variety of different bands to play with. Since I came back, it has been the priority to learn so many songs.. let’s see which ones I still remember in 6 months?

On that note….

If anyone is ever stuck with learning songs, here’s some tips I like to follow

  1. Listen listen listen. If you can hum the tune, you can play it.
  2. One sleep – always have a sleep after learning, I find it helps solidify the information.
  3. The accelerated learning technique – this is something that I love, it is hard to train yourself to stop, and it does not work for everyone. But the accelerated learning technique helped me, and I developed it over many years while studying music in London. Check it out.

Exciting announcement for the summer.  I will be on bass for Nepali Metalers Underside for their European tour. There are some great shows & festivals in the schedule, and it’s my first time playing for them. We had so much fun earlier this year, come and see the chaos.

There is always room for more work, use the contact page for enquires for your project, check out the SERVICES.

Carl Dawkins in Nepal

MAY 2017

For any Undying Inc. fans in Nepal, I will be on bass for Undying Inc. for their run of shows at the end of May. Check their social media/websites for info. This will be my first time playing in Nepal, and after touring with the guys in Underside earlier this year, it’s going to be great to be on the road with them again.

You can also catch me on bass for London’s Tokyo Taboo across the UK next month. Plus they’re also doing a slot at the famous Camden Rocks Festival – You can find a list of Tokyo Taboo’s full dates on their webpage.

For anyone interested in lessons, I will be doing Skype lessons on June 4th – use the contact page to book a slot/enquire.

We can cover anything from technique, to theory, production and writing (plus anything else you can think of). Get in contact to see if I could help improve your playing.

For international students, time difference should not be an issue. Please choose the slot that best suits you. Contact.


APRIL 2017

I need a holiday, and a bit of chill time. But the last 3 months have gone great. The reception from the Undying Inc fans was extremely welcoming.

We (Undying inc) will be back in Autumn for another tour in India and Nepal.

I currently have a free summer, so if anybody needs a bass player/MD/synth bass/producer. Give me an email via the contact page. Otherwise I will just spend the summer working on your new favourite band:

The last video I did with Cypher16 last year has been released! It was shot at the Natural History museum in London, check it out here:

I had the pleasure this month of working with Bollywood artist 
Arjun Kanungo from Mumbai, MD’ing his band for their UK shows. They finished at one of my favourite venues, the Hammersmith Apollo.

If you are an artist, with or without a band, and would like to see how I may be able to improve your live show, studio recordings, writing or rehearsal process, please get in contact on the contact page.

MARCH 2017

It’s my first time playing in Canada, and the Amarathe Maximiliasm has been amazing and with that, more great news..

I would like to present the video for Undying Inc’s latest single, it’s the first track written with me. It was a nuts location (we still aren’t allowed to mention where it was filmed).  Looking forward to playing this live later this month.

I have 3 and half days off after this USA/Canada tour then I head out to tour the new single with Undying Inc. the band and myself will be visiting places we all haven’t been before so it’s going to be one for the books.

I am now also a proud endorser of Darkglass Electronics, I am using the B7K Ultra, there are so many options and it sounds lush.


Some exciting news: I return to the UK in March for a few days before I head out with a band from India called Undying Inc, with whom I am very glad to be joining. The band are very established in India, and I have toured with the band previously, and worked with the drummer and singer on separate projects/occasions.

Undying Inc

I was in India last month, secretly, to record and film a new single with the Delhi based extreme metallers. I am excited show you the video and what we have worked on. It is heavy, and technical, and was a lot of fun. I will be returning to India end of next month for my first tour with Undying Inc. You can read about it in my interview with Rolling Stone here.


I am currently on tour in the USA/Canada With Cypher16 supporting Amaranthe, the shows so far have been great, except finding out on the first show we have a dep drummer for the next 6 shows…. It should be interesting. all the bands on the bill are great, everyone needs to check out Failure Anthem and Citizen Zero. Check out my Instagram and Facebook for updates. 


I will be at the NAMM event this month in California, come and say hi, I will be at the Warwick, Korg, ESP and Marco bass guitar booths. I will be playing on the Marco bass guitars booth on the Sunday.

Rehearsals are fully underway for the North America tour, as well as squeezing in new songs sets.

I am also in the studio with Armada Of Secrets at the end of January, I am very excited to release it.

Here’s some shots from my work with Tokyo Taboo and Mark Hussey.