So, some really exciting news to finish the year!

Dean Markley strings have made me a custom string! I can’t wait to hear how it sounds/plays… It’s pretty low… any guesses? Answers to my Facebook page. I will be doing a video on it as soon as I am back in UK.

Along with this is the news that I will be heading out to California for the NAMM event in January. I am really excited to catch up with so many people. If you’re there, come say hi.

Due to my injuries, I will not be playing in January – at any point. Rest is what the doctor ordered and I’ve cleared my schedule to allow myself to heal. I am confident and hopeful that I will be back into the full swing of things by the end of February.

I will be doing a few articles on injuries/healing in the New Year. 2015 has been great, except for that!

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a great New Year!

Dean Markley

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